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Steel Construction

Steel Construction

The new buildings are built on strong steel frames fitted on deep pile foundations, these buildings are strong enough to withstand strong storm and earthquake to an extent. These kinds of construction methods are followed in the new construction, so it needs a lot of equipment to build the steel frames. Summer city LLC provides all kind of steel structure construction and erection of steel frames at the construction site.

We have the capability to undertake heavy steel fabrications like multi-story buildings to skyscrapers anywhere around UAE. We have the latest technology and our operation is more flexible, adaptive and efficient than anybody else. We follow the highest quality standards to give our clients a flawless service. We are also time-bound and we always put a combination of safety and knowledge to complete each project efficiently, on time and under budget.

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For any services related to steel construction and erection, we are one of the most reliable companies in Dubai with a proven track record. If anyone needs any query regarding the impeccable services we have to offer they can contact us directly. We’ll be happy to provide an estimate regarding any fabrication or construction work. We undertake each work with the utmost care and we always try to provide timely delivery and execution in the field.