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Building contracting

Building contracting

Engineering is an art and an engineer is an artist, we have a lot of talented engineers(artists) here at summer city LLC. Our engineers and designs are experts in crafting plans for designing exotic interior designs of buildings. We have a team of structural engineers, environmental engineers Construction engineers, site engineers, Interior designers, and Draftsman to design and develop a full plan from scratch and build awestruck engineering structures.

We do procurement analysis for all kind of projects in the construction and engineering sector. Our procurement engineers have in-depth knowledge about the purchasing of industrial goods and services. We have different personals that are the best fit for procurement in a particular industry, and they always maintain good relations with the supply and logistics division of potential suppliers to coordinate the timely delivery of the materials. We have also trained them to negotiate and choose the best deals for our clients so we can deliver a quotation that is more favorable for the client.

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If you are looking for a service provider that has enough reputation and experience in construction and successful history of completed projects, you are in the right place. We have worked on a lot of billion-dollar projects on both sole proprietorship and contract basis, like the basis wireframing of buildings, creating physical layouts, 3d plans, creating requirement plans, purchasing materials, supplying workers, coordinating the construction, on-site supervision, dealing with legal formalities and paperwork we cover all sort of duties in construction with responsibility.

Most of the constructions are done by contractors for each specific departments like foundation engineering, structural engineering, construction, interior decoration, electrical and plumbing, lift mechanisms, safety engineering, building security etc. so there are a number of work processing simultaneously on a work site, it needs a good project management team to coordinate all the workers to maintain harmony on the site. Summercity LLC had experience in project coordination and management, we have worked with big brands to manage their projects in Dubai and the middle east.